Smiling yards for every family

Do you enjoy sitting in your backyard with a cup of tea? Do you and your family enjoy hosting BBQ in your yard? Sometimes, you cannot get what you want. Once gas-fueled leaf blowers start going, you and your family cannot enjoy any kinds of outdoor activities due to noise and air pollution. If the point of having a clean yard is to use it for fun activities, then the impact gas-powered leaf blowers have on those fun activities must be taken into consideration. Here at Smiling Yards, our main goal is to learn about the impact of leaf blowers on Wellesley’s health, our environment, and our families. We want to show the truth in detail for each aspect, from the threats of lung disease and hearing loss to environmental deterioration and climate change. Also, we want to share other alternatives with you, that will keep your yard clean and smiling.

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The leaf blower can raise the possibility of diseases and hearing loss. 

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Leaf blowers will also blow up dust and speed up global warming with fossil fuel. 


Noise, dust and bad smells of the leaf blowers could ruin your family activities and happiness.


There are still many ways you can keep the yard clean and smiling.


Feel free to express your opinion on this topic and join the community.

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It is the time to make some changes!

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