As a member of the community, we can make a change to this current situation. Even if you still prefer the gas-powered leaf blowers, please choose reasonable operating times and avoid weekends. Additionally, please limit the operation time and the number of leaf blowers used. But rather than leaf blowers, there are other ways that you can keep your yard clean and protect nature at the same time.

To begin with, you can change the gas leaf blowers to electric leaf blowers. Not only it is less noisy, but the air pollution level will also go down significantly due to no gas consumption for gas-powered leaf blowers. On the other hand, many kinds of electric leaf blowers are cordless, so it is easier to operate than gas-powered ones.

If you want to eliminate the noise problem but keep your yard tidy, the efficient way is to rake the leaves. Before you collect the leaves, stomp through the areas with a large amount of leaves to reduce the volume of the leaves, this will make the raking process easier. Leaves raking can become a perfect outdoor family activity, with the sound of nature around you. Children can also explore nature, and other family members can get some exercise. And after you collect all the leaves, don’t toss the leaves. The grass clippings and leaves are the precious sources for mulch, so you can use the mulched leaves for insulating garden beds for winter.

The most environment-friendly way for the yard is to keep the leaves on the ground. The fallen leaves can become an additional layer of organic materials above ground. So it can provide food, shelter, and nesting materials to various wildlife. On the other hand, this additional layer can also become overwintering protection for insects. More importantly, the leaves on the ground can enhance the fertility of the soil significantly. Leaves will become a natural mulch that helps suppress weeds and a free fertilizer that fertilizes the soil as it breaks down.