Using a gas-powered leaf blower for an hour has the same impact on climate change as driving a Toyota Camry for over 1000 miles. Using other methods of keeping lawns clear is one of the easiest ways we can mitigate climate change. ,The dust and mold the leaf blowers churn up will also ruin the surrounding area for all families. Additionally, the noise from leaf blowers will have adverse impacts on the neighbors – not just humans but also for our animal friends.

According to a study conducted by Queen’s University Belfast, clear evidence is showing that noise pollution affects groups of species including amphibians, arthropods, birds, fish, mammals, mollusks and reptiles. The most obvious reason is the block of communication. Many species communicate with each other by producing acoustic signals, so noise pollution will affect this process significantly.

This will also result in the prevent species from choosing mate, which will also reduce the population growth for certain species. Additionally, many species also rely on sounds to hunt. With noise pollution, it becomes more challenging to find and catch their prey, forcing them to spend more and more time hunting. As a result, this kind of species will also suffer from low population growth, even severe survival problems. And for the neighborhood near the sea, researchers found that “noise pollution extends to the sea, with potentials making it more difficult for fish larvae to find suitable reefs. ”