Besides the threat to the natural environment and animals, the leaf blowers and other landscaping tools will interrupt you and your family daily. The noise interrupts conversations, disrupts important family moments, interferes with people trying to rest in their homes, and ruins nature. Not only dust and leaves, but the leaf blowers will also blow up your outdoor activities.

Image your family is holding a birthday party for the children in the back yard. When the birthday cake goes on to the table, leaves, dust, and dirt all fall on the cake since your neighbor starts cleaning their yard. Or you and your family decided to have some outdoor exercise like Yoga to enjoy the beautiful view in the back yard, but the noises of the leaf blowers will ruin all of the joyfulness. And if someone in your family does not feel well, he or she cannot get enough good rest due to the noise of leaf blowers nearby. During summer and fall, all these things are common to every neighborhood. People cannot avoid the threat of leaf blowers by moving to another area.

Moreover, the lack of outdoor exercise and activities will also put the impact of child development and family health. For children, they lost their opportunity to explore and experience nature, as well as the chance to make friends with other children in the neighborhood. They cannot observe small animals and leaves in the back yard, and play games with other children in the area. And for other family members, especially elderlies, the lack of fresh air and exercise will increase the risk of illness. If you have pets in your family, they will also suffer from the lack of outdoor playtime and fresh air in the house.