Do you know leaf blowers have higher air pollution than a normal car? According to the emission test by Edmunds, the hydrocarbon emission from a two-stroke lead blower was equivalent to the emission level for driving a 2011 Ford Raptor. To begin with, high emission will exacerbate the global warming issue, forming a future without sustainable growth. On the other hand, air pollution from emissions can cause health issues for everyone. Specifically, air pollution can raise the possibility of cancer, asthma, heart diseases as well as eye irritation.

Not only does leaf blowers have higher emission than the car, but it also releases a high concentration of microscopic ultrafine particles. The ultrafine particles are 0.1 of a micron, or roughly one-thousandth the width of a human hair. Most importantly, the ultrafine particles will increase the risk of lung cancer and other lung diseases. The smaller the particles are, the deeper it can be inhaled into the lungs, and the more potentials it has then to cause health problems such as lung cancer, heart disease, strokes, and other respiratory ailments.

Additionally, the noisy leaf blowers will also cause potential hearing loss. Normally, exposure to 90 dBs or higher for two hours can trigger hearing damage. But for leaf blowers, the noise level can be measured between 90 and 115 dBs. Compare with traffic noise inside the car that measured around 80 dBs, the leaf blower will add more risk to hearing loss to daily exposure to noise. And especially for holding leaf blowers to clean the yard, the risk of hearing loss is even higher. Holding this noisy machine for a long time will trigger the hearing damage and raise your medical bill payment.

When leaf blowers start working near your house, the lack of outdoor exercise will also affect your health. For leaf blowers, they blow up not only leaves. The dust, animal feces and moles on the ground will also be blown into the air. To avoid this, every family will reduce their time outdoors. But the lack of fresh air and outdoor exercise will also raise the risk of illness for every family member. However, if we have less or zero leaf blowers in the neighborhood, every family can enjoy outdoor activities regularly.