Local Resources

Here at Wellesley, we have many resources for the sustainable and green neighborhood.

The Sustainable Wellesley organization provides different kinds of resources and support lower carbon emission in the community. They created many campaigns and events for sustainability in Wellesley. They encourage residents to take action for their concerns and join the community from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Another way to express your opinion and join the community is by contact with the environment committee. At Wellesley, we have two large environment committee which is the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) and Sustainable Energy Committee (SEC). Both committees focus on the environmental problems in the community and provide stewardship and education to the benefit of residents.

Besides, these organizations, you can also join some small groups on Facebook. Now we have Wellesley Energy and Environmental Defense, and Fossil Free Wellesley. Additionally, the Sustainable Wellesley website also provided many schools and college environment club nearby, so you can join the community and take action to protect our neighborhood.